The families benefiting from the “Use of social technologies to reduce deforestation” project are starting to work together to build the chicken coops, fences and agro-ecological vegetable garden beds provided for in the project. Between the end of October and during the month of November, the families, together with the technical teams, set about implementing the program so that they can start producing healthy food, both for their own consumption and to generate income by selling the products.

It also began this October to deliver part of the products related to the construction of the agro-ecological gardens and the energy generation system using solar panels from the “Use of social technologies to reduce deforestation” project. First of all, the water tanks that are part of the PAIS KIT (Integrated and Sustainable Agroecological Production) were delivered. The tanks will be used to store water for later irrigation of the agroecological gardens. Based on the plans made with the company that won the bid, the other products included in this kit will be delivered to the families so that they can start the production process in the agroecological gardens. According to Rogério Paulo Hohn, general coordinator of the project, “the expectation is that by November all the families benefiting from this stage will have received all the equipment included in the pais kits”.

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