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Training and technical assistance

The construction of collective knowledge is one of the purposes of the project and the entity. Through the participation of families in different stages of training and training, combined with technical assistance focused on this reality, the project seeks to rebuild knowledge, as well as strengthen popular culture in the production of healthy foods, the use of alternative energies and respect to people and the environment. It seeks to combine the knowledge and practices of families with the knowledge and learning of a technical team committed to alternative practices, thus rebuilding a new culture of social relations and the environment.

In the training activities provided for by the project, we had the participation of 1,067 people in total, including 556 women and 511 men, the factor that stood out was the participation of women, which exceeded expectations, we hope to continue encouraging and enabling them to continue occupying the different spaces.

5,520 visits were made to the properties of 240 families, with an average of 23 visits per beneficiary family, during the project’s duration.