Another field day was held in the region of the Tocantins River Basin in southeastern Pará as part of the project “Using social technologies to reduce deforestation”.
The field day was held at the EFA (Agricultural Family School) located at Km 21 in the municipality of Marabá-Pará. The activity included a social and economic diagnosis and a workshop to develop pesticides to combat pests and diseases, such as Bordeaux mixture, lime sulfur and neem leaf syrup. The stage was attended by family farmers, EFA elementary school students, local leaders and teachers.
The project is an achievement for families affected by dams and is being carried out by the Interstate Agricultural Development Association (Associação de Desenvolvimento Agrícola Interestadual – ADAI) in partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social – BNDES), through the non-reimbursable financial collaboration concession contract No. 17.2.0254.1.