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Throughout its history, ADAI’s mission has been to develop actions to support populations affected and/or threatened by dams in their quest for food and nutritional security and to combat inequalities. Our mission points to where we want to go and gives us the strength to keep going until we reach it.


ADAI has certain axes in its activities and practices that constitute its values. These are the guiding principles of the work it has chosen to develop and has developed in an ethical and transparent manner without distinction of origin, race, gender, sexual orientation or age, avoiding any kind of discrimination.

It seeks to promote the rights of citizens affected by the construction of hydroelectric dams and major works through ethics, peace, citizenship and democracy, with a focus on defending the diffuse rights of its members and beneficiaries, as well as preserving the environment and using it sustainably.

Method of action

It works to stimulate, develop and promote actions aimed at technical assistance and rural extension, research in agricultural areas channeled towards the production of renewable energies and studies aimed at alternatives linked to the production of healthy food based on the principles of agroecology, disseminating information and technical and scientific knowledge, as well as actions in economic, social and self-supporting organization using the solidarity economy and fair trade as parameters, always seeking to have food and nutritional security and the fight against inequality on the horizon.

It fosters organization, participation and solidarity through organizational, associative and cooperative activities, with the aim of popular self-management through the full participation of beneficiaries in the actions developed.

It carries out, develops and implements educational and vocational actions, such as projects and programs in the areas of environmental training, energy, agriculture, culture, etc., through a network of multipliers and its method is the popular praxis of alternation.

It enables access to popular housing and housing through joint actions and the joint effort is the working model, which aims above all to value the dignity of the human person, social inclusion and their self-recognition as a subject of law.

It seeks to produce and edit publications on the topics covered by its actions and partners so that its ideals are disseminated and these materials are used as a way of encouraging the search for equality and appreciation of our members and beneficiaries.

Governance and control

In order to achieve the social purposes for which it was set up, the organization carries out its activities under the direction of a set of bodies that aim to provide security and effectiveness in the processes, regardless of their area of operation.