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For ADAI, sustainability is based on the practice of human actions aimed at meeting our needs without compromising the future of generations, with rational, efficient and intelligent use of natural resources. In this sense, we practice the preservation of fauna and flora, planting native trees, proper use of soil and water, organic and agro-ecological production, the use of renewable energies, waste recycling, among others. All of these practices, always associated with a process of raising awareness among families, seek to extend to society as a whole.

In the field of food production and renewable energies, our practices are focused on agroecological production and the use of alternative energies, with environmentally correct and socially just practices for the use of natural resources. In addition to these practices, we seek to spread and multiply the thinking behind this production project to other families and sectors of society, in order to ensure that the action is more widespread, since the concept of sustainability only becomes effective with this possibility. It is more than urgent to step up actions of this nature, thinking about the future of generations.