On November 10, 2023, the 63rd ordinary meeting of the Renova Foundation’s Technical Chamber for Education, Culture, Leisure, Sport and Tourism (CT-ECLET) took place, and one of its agendas was issues related to irregularities concerning the Doce 2023 Call for Proposals (third cycle) organized by the Foundation. 

At the CT-ECLET meeting, the Renova Foundation stated that it had erred in the process of drawing up and evaluating the public notice. It is important to note that this notice was not submitted to the Technical Chamber at the time it was drawn up, as can be seen in the notes raised during the meeting, which are available online on the Renova Foundation’s YouTube channel. As a result, the Technical Chamber voted unanimously to cancel the Doce 2023 Call for Proposals. 

The agenda arose from questions organized by the people affected in the municipality of Linhares, especially in the territory of Povoação. Among the points made are the absence of projects aimed at sport and the process of organic continuation of communities, which contradicts the provisions of Program 13: Tourism, Culture, Sport and Leisure (PG13).  

They also questioned the criteria for evaluating and approving the projects, as well as the Technical Chamber’s lack of involvement in monitoring, listening and contributing throughout the selection process. The questions were presented in a note of repudiation, via email, organized by those affected and presented by the CT-ECLET during the meeting.

At the meeting, the Renova Foundation admitted errors in the construction of the Public Notice, the non-participation of the Technical Chamber in monitoring the drafting process, as well as recognizing flaws in its evaluation criteria process. In an attempt to justify her remarks, a representative of the Renova Foundation argued that when the first questions came in June, they decided that: “it was better to let the process continue than to change halfway through”. 

The decision to cancel the Doce 2023 Call for Proposals will be put to a vote/approval by the Interfederative Committee (CIF) at its next ordinary meeting, which will take place on December 13, 14 and 15, 2023, in the municipality of Aracruz. The cancellation of the Doce 2023 Call for Proposals caused dissatisfaction among the affected communities, who had hoped to be included in the selection of sports projects. The lack of participation by the Technical Chamber throughout the process of selecting and evaluating the projects generated criticism and questions from those affected in the territories who were taking part in the current selection cycle. The population hopes that measures will be taken to guarantee a fairer and more participatory process for the affected communities. 

Adai’s Technical Office for Affected People is following the process to ensure that the people affected are informed.