After much struggle and a long wait for this right to be implemented, with each stage of the Selection Process, the advisory service for the people affected by the collapse of the Fundão Dam caused by Vale, Samarco and BHP on the Rio Doce is getting closer.

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, the long-awaited implementation of the Independent Technical Advisory Services in the territories affected by the Vale Samarco and BHP crime in Espírito Santo came a step closer. After much struggle and a long wait for this right to be implemented, ADAI has published the call for interviews for more than 430 candidates.

The Independent Technical Advisory (ATI) is a right that aims to subsidize and boost the organization and informed participation of people and communities affected by the Samarco disaster. The implementation of this right starts from the perspective of the centrality of the suffering of the victims, who will have this tool to understand and evaluate the state of the processes of integral reparation – both for individual and collective damage – as well as to collectively propose agendas for reparatory measures. The search for effective solutions and concrete results has been one of the biggest challenges in the context of the socio-economic and socio-environmental reparation of the Rio Doce, and the difficulties of participation encountered by the individuals, families and communities affected in the reparation process makes the success of these measures even more distant – as it is today without the functioning of the ITAs.

The right to have a body of experts independent of the companies Vale, BHP, Samarco and the Renova Foundation was provided for when the legal agreements were signed in 2018, with the aim of allowing the affected communities to participate in the reparation process in an informed manner, but since then it has never been implemented, to the detriment of the victims of what is the biggest environmental crime in Brazil’s history.

The ADAI selection process had more than 1900 applicants, for approximately 122 vacancies at primary, secondary and higher education levels to work in the territories of Espírito Santo. It is also important to note that ADAI’s selection process follows the determinations of the document that guides the selection processes of the Independent Technical Consultancies, issued by the Justice Institutions that make up the Rio Doce Task Force, the document is available at the following link .

For this right to finally be extended to all affected communities in Espírito Santo, we must wait for the resolution of Territory 11 – Aracruz and Serra and Territory 12 – Tupiniquim, Comboios and Caieiras Velhas II Indigenous Lands, which also have the right to Independent Technical Advice, which is still at an impasse despite the conciliation hearing held on October 11, 2022 by the 4th federal court.

Follow the stages of the selection process here: