Adai’s Technical Office for the Affected in Espírito Santo would like to express its solidarity with all those affected by the extratropical cyclone in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), which intensified with the rains on September 3 and 4. The disaster is considered the biggest natural tragedy in the state in the last four decades. 

Data from the RS Civil Defense released on Monday the 11th: 

  • 46 people killed; 

  • 4,794 homeless people (in need of public shelter); 

  • 20,490 displaced people (who were forced to leave their homes for safety reasons). 

The cyclone also hit municipalities in Paraná and Santa Catarina, totaling more than 340,000 lives affected by the rains and floods. 

Wherever it went, the force of the waters took lives, devastated territories and left the marks of a disaster that cannot be naturalized, because the rain cannot be blamed. The disasters caused by the rains reflect the effects of a system that exploits and destroys nature, such as the agro-hydro-mining-business models, which are also responsible for global warming, caused mainly by greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and the unbridled actions of the capitalist system on nature. 

In Brazil, extreme weather events such as cyclones and storms are becoming increasingly frequent and intense. This means that there is an urgent need to rethink the country’s production systems, encourage sustainable agricultural practices such as agroecology and invest in clean, renewable energy sources to protect the entire population, especially the most vulnerable communities. 

In this moment of solidarity, our thoughts go out to all those affected by the cyclone. We are by your side, ready to support and collaborate in rebuilding your lives and communities. 


With solidarity and hope: “Waters for life and not for death!” 


Adai team.  


For more information and to find out how to help, are the websites of Brasil de Fato RS and Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragem (MAB).