The court order was issued at the beginning of October 2023 and refers to the immediate suspension of all Renova Foundation advertising – until the companies present a new advertising policy within 60 days. Until then, all advertising is suspended, under penalty of a fine of R$10,000 for non-compliance with the decision. It should be noted that the companies can still appeal the decision. 

In May 2021, the Justice institutions filed a Public Civil Action against the Renova Foundation and its sponsors asking for the withdrawal from circulation and a ban on the dissemination of all Renova advertisements that spoke well of itself and praised the results of repairing the damage caused by the collapse of the Fundão dam.  

The Public Civil Action is based on three main facts: Renova’s self-promotion, the spread of misinformation and the misuse of resources. The Justice Institutions argue that the reason why Renova was created was misappropriated when, instead of using its financial resources to meet the demands of those affected, it used R$17.4 million in advertising campaigns in 2020 alone precisely to promote itself.  

Adai’s Technical Office for Affected People is following the process to ensure that the people affected are informed.