The  Independent Technical Advisory of the Interstate Agricultural Development Association (Assessoria Técnica Independente da Associação de Desenvolvimento Agrícola Interestadual) – ADAI, which will work with and for the Affected People of Espírito Santo (ES), held its first face-to-face organizational meeting in the state. At an event held at the Martinha X Centre in Prainha, Vila Velha, between February 1 and 4, the General Project, Regional and Thematic Area coordinators met to draw up a work plan and organize the teams, as well as other institutional demands that affect the Rio Doce Project’s progress in the territories.


Aware of their responsibility, the meeting gave the coordinators a chance to get to know each other, exchange views, share their experiences and understand the current situation regarding reparations in the Rio Doce. The coordination teams have had an intense work routine, ranging from the preparation of pedagogical training material, work structuring, action plans in the territories, to the actual process of executing the call for proposals for the selection of teams.


It is important to emphasize that this process involves more than a hundred technicians from different areas, such as: legal, health, communication, pedagogical, among others, who will walk alongside the tens of thousands of people affected throughout the territories of the Rio Doce Valley and the coast of Espírito Santo. This means that the ADAI Advisory Board will have a lot of organizing, training and follow-up work to do.


Lidiene Cardoso, ADAI’s Institutional Coordinator, believes that they were intense days and that  everyone left strengthened and empowered for the development of this human, technical, institutional and social project. “The conclusion is that these days of intense work were invigorating and fueled the excitement. We are looking forward to the big moment ahead: meeting the rest of the selected teams and inserting  this beautiful project into the affected territories and communities,” he said.


For Mauro Cabano, the Regency coordinator, the hiring of the Assessoria is a victory built by many hands and took a long time to implement. “This victory belongs to all the affected people organized in Espírito Santo, who did not give up and remained firm in their conviction that Technical Advice is a right, just as it is a right of the affected communities to Comprehensive Reparation based on the Centrality of the Victim’s Suffering.”


For ADAI’s General Coordination of Advisory Services, it is important to note that this process has gone through a lot of slow justice and fighting on the part of Vale, Samarco and BHP. Only now will the affected communities be able to count on the opinion and advice of technicians who are independent of the state and the companies in order to be informed, articulate and mobilize based on the reality perceived in the territories, which continues to be calamitous in all aspects: environmental, economic and social.


For the entire team, the message remains that this victory was built by many hands, and the Technical Advisory Body of the Affected People is determined to live up to the communities’ expectations.

ADAI Communication