In the last On Saturday (19), the Associação Projeto Amigos do Biluca, the Associação de Moradores de Vila Reis Jardim Planalto e Região, in partnership with one of Ultragaz’s distributors and ADAI – Associação de Desenvolvimento Agrícola Interadual, with the support of the Banco do Brasil Foundation and Petrobrás, held a collective effort to distribute gas cylinders in the União de Vila Nova, in the East Zone of the city of São Paulo, at the Grêmio União da Vilas, through the “Brazilians for Brazil” campaign.

The action aims to guarantee gas for needy and vulnerable families who are going through various needs at this time of pandemic and rising cost of living, giving a little hope to their hearts at this difficult time, as we can see in the testimonies of some of the families who have benefited from the action.

“It was wonderful for me, it was everything. I don’t think it should stop! It should continue. My gas ran out the other day, so this action was from God for me. I’m very grateful to you, and I’d like to thank each and every person who is part of this movement of solidarity with the people of the União neighborhood of Vila Nova. God bless the lives of everyone.”

“This gas is a good help, this month I had no money to buy my gas, thank you to everyone who is helping a lot of people.”

“It’s very gratifying to receive the gas, for us as the head of the family it makes a big difference in our home, the savings we’ve made will go towards paying for other food”

In addition to the families from União de Vila Nova, the Associação Projeto Amigos do Biluca together with the Associação de Moradores de Vila Reis, Jardim Planalto e Região and the ADAI

has helped 1,400 families through the “Brazilians for Brazil” campaign in the region.

Since the day the vouchers were handed out on January 21, some families have been organizing to pick up the gas from the distributor, but many families were unable to pick up the gas directly from the distributor, so we organized many volunteers and local leaders so that the joint effort to distribute the gas could be carried out in the community with all the necessary care and safety.

See the photos below of the action:


We would like to thank our partners and invite everyone to join in this campaign by following the campaign on our website and by making a contribution.

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