From January 26 to 29, 2022, the Interstate Agricultural Development Association (Associação de Desenvolvimento Agrícola Interestadual – ADAI), in partnership with the Banco do Brasil Foundation, continued distributing food baskets to vulnerable families. On this occasion, 1,300 baskets of food from family farming were donated, benefiting organizations located in the south, east and north of São Paulo, as well as in the municipality of Cubatão (SP), in the Baixada Santista. In addition to the action carried out the previous month, a total of 3,200 families benefited from the campaign. 

The action carried out by the organizations was highly praised by the families who received the hampers. Marcia Nascimento de Jesus, a resident of Perus, in the north of São Paulo, and one of the thousands of families benefiting from the food baskets, said: “The baskets are wonderful, because in these difficult times, they help us a lot. We’re very grateful for everything you’ve brought us with these food baskets”. 

On the other hand, Maria Luzia Oliveira, a resident of the South Zone of São Paulo, reaffirms the importance of this food basket because “many people were going through difficulties, with a lack of jobs and income, so the food baskets arrived at the right time”.

This action, carried out as part of the “Brazilians for Brazil” campaign, aims to give hope to Brazilians, guaranteeing a livelihood for those who need it most. “Brasileiros pelo Brasil” (Brazilians for Brazil) is a solidarity campaign by @fundacaobb and many partners who support family farming, bringing baskets of food to the tables of Brazilians. Get involved and donate! 

See the photos below of the action:

We would like to thank our partners once again and invite everyone to join in this campaign by following the campaign on our website and by making a contribution.
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