Based on the theme of environmental preservation, ADAI, in partnership with MAB and Koinonia, is promoting this action

Following on from the objectives of the ‘Planting Lives Campaign’, the Interstate Agricultural Development Association (Associação de Desenvolvimento Agrícola Interestadua- ADAI), together with the Movement of People Affected by Dams (Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens – MAB), the Emmaus Republic Movement and the Koinonia Organization, are revitalizing the seedling nursery at the Emaús headquarters, located in the Bengui suburb of Belém do Pará. 

The nursery, which has already been installed and is made up of native and ornamental seedling species, is being revitalized so that production can take place permanently at the facility. 


Photo 1 – Cuttings of Ixoras (Ixora coccinea L), an ornamental species to revitalize the gardens of the Emmaus Republic Movement.


The ‘Planting Lives Campaign’ is an initiative of the MAB, made possible by partnerships committed to environmental issues, such as . ADAI and Koinonia, and its goal is to find and develop solutions to environmental problems arising from the imposition of projects that disregard the natural environment, as well as to transform these solutions into practices that enable the recovery of these modified biomes. Together with social participation, this process is fundamental for ecosystem recovery and preservation. 


Photo 2 – Nursery area for the production of forestry and ornamental seedlings, 

vegetables and medicinal species at  Movimento República de Emaús.

The action to revitalize the Emaús nursery complements other proposals for improvements also planned for implementation at the same site. An example of this is the installation of a photovoltaic energy production system – the solar energy – to irrigate a community organic garden, thus making use of technologies in the generation of alternative energy and helping to build possibilities for a more popular energy distribution chain.  

In the month of September, which commemorates the Amazon Day (05.09) and On Arbor Day (21.09), more actions will be carried out within the framework of this project and around this theme, in order to stimulate greater articulation with the involvement of organizations, universities, local associations, social movements and society in general for dialogue on methods and procedures for preserving the environment. 


Photo 3 – Ipê seeds (tabebuia genus).

Through the ‘Planting Lives Campaign’, the ADAI, in partnership with MAB and the Koinonia Organization, joins the República de Emaús Movement, which has been active in Belém do Pará since the 1970s in the fight to defend and guarantee the rights of children and adolescents at personal and social risk and social exclusion in the Amazon region.