Territorial insertion 

After almost eight years since the collapse of the Fundão dam in Minas Gerais, Adai’s Independent Technical Advisory Office for the Affected (ATI) began its insertion process in the lower Rio Doce region in March 2023. There are six territories in Espírito Santo: Baixo Guandu, Colatina, Linhares, Litoral Norte (Conceição da Barra and São Mateus), Povoação and Regência.

During this period, with each field activity, visit, reconnaissance of the area and/or individual conversation, we noticed the devastation still present in the daily lives of the people affected, who, even with the problems that have been added in the last period, have been encouraged and enthusiastic about organizing themselves and continuing the fight for their rights.    


Presentation meetings 
Introductory meetings were held in the territories, which strengthened ties and reaffirmed the role of advising those affected in the struggle for fair reparations. Spaces for dialog, listening and welcoming the demands of residents have been consolidated. 


Groups of Affected People (GAA) 

Formed after the presentations, the Groups of Affected People (Grupos de Atingidos e Atingidas – GAA) are spaces in which the economic agenda has been discussed as a priority in the work of the consultancy, and is reflected in environmental, social, political, gender, racial, intergenerational and health issues of the affected population and environment. 

The field survey with the families and the data collected by Adai’s Economy, Work and Income (Economia, Trabalho e Renda – ETR) team confirm that the current compensation process is exclusionary, especially towards women, unequal and lacking in transparency, as well as having numerous flaws. 


Agent Multiplier Meetings (AGM) 

With the groups formed, the affected parties select representatives in each community, who are responsible for multiplying local demands at the Multiplier Agent Meetings (Agentes Multiplicadores – AGM), which raise the priority agendas for each territory in the search for reparations. 


Seminars “Our Rights Now! Fundão Dam: The time for change is now!” 

The next stage will be in July, with the “Our rights, now!” seminars, which will be held in the territories where Adai operates in Espírito Santo, and will include political representatives, social movements, non-governmental organizations, the population affected by the Fundão dam collapse and civil society.  

The seminars will present a contextualization of the events, the limits of the programs and new proposals, the court rulings and what could change in this situation, including the so-called renegotiation. It will be a time to reflect on the need for a “new” compensation process that listens to, respects and meets the demands of those affected and compensates them with a fair value for all, that creates and passes on a monthly amount (Auxiliary Program) that allows families to survive in this difficult time they are going through.  


Adai’s Rio Doce project continues to search for and fight for dignified and comprehensive reparations for all.  

The participation of the whole of society is fundamental in the struggle of the affected population!